New Things On The Horizon

Am back after what seems an eternity of not blogging, I went to the darkside, and thankfully made it out alive with my balls intact.

Now is not the time to bore you with the whos, where’s and why’s (all one and a half of you still clutching on in despair for my return…….)

Now is the time to say Happy 50th Birthday to Lego ! ! !

Normal Service shall be resumed shortly (read : when I can be arsed and I also don’t have this nasty bout of man flu). . . . when I may or may not reveal my secret evil twin, the fact that I just ate a frozen Findus chicken fajita, the colour of the fluff in my belly button, oh…and maybe some news about whats been happening on the smelly streets of London in the 5 months I have been away

Also some plans for graffoto in the lovely year that is 2000 & GREAT!


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