A.ce Ben Naz Borondo Captain Kris Cern Dank Fan HC Hunto Jana & JS Lily Mixe Millo Odeith Parlee ER Stra

Hit Shot Walls – November 2013

Words: NoLionsInEnglandPhotos: HowAboutNo and NoLionsInEngland as stated You didn’t seriously think that cold weather would put Shoreditch Street Art into hibernation did you? Fresh colour and frantic activity sustain the rotating uncurated hang of energetic street art for which this area is reknown and we count ourselves lucky to have been able to capture some […]

2-Square Art Is Trash Binho C3 Cranio Mean MJar Pablo Delgado Rowdy Saki and Bitches Sweet Toof Xylo

Hit Shot Walls – September 2013

All photos HowAboutNo Words NoLionsInEngland We are just over halfway through October so it must be time to reminisce fondly on the street art that appeared on Shoreditch walls back in September. We can also reminisce on the good old days when the part of Graffoto wandering round with a camera would let the part […]

Above Alex Senna Cenz Conor Harrington Eine Fred Le Chevalier MadC Nylon Osch Pegasus Saki and Bitches Tian

Hit Shot Walls – August 2013

All photos HowAboutNo except NoLionsInEngland where statedWords NoLionsInEngland August, a hot oppresive city, empty workspaces, charged tense atmosphere and tourists.  Yup, on the whole that pretty much sums up this month’s Shoredtich Street Art scene except that wall space was actually pretty very full and in one controversial case, pretty badly buffed! Above did a […]

A.ce Above The Yok Alexis Diaz Eine Ian Stevenson Jumbo Millo Miss Van Probs TRP Vytautus Zomby

Hit Shot Walls July 2013

photos: HowAboutNowords: NoLionsInEngland July had to man up to follow the excellent street art Shoreditch has seen in the past few months and boy did it deliver.  Things cannot get more manly than having Luther on the BBC swagger around in front of street art and graffiti performing miraculous feats of apparent teleporting from one […]

Bailon Best Ever Dale Grimshaw HIN INO1 Jana & JS Narcelio Grud Paul Insect Run Sliks T.Wat

Hit Shot Walls June 2013

June was a bumper month for activity around Graffoto towers, not least dry conditions meant casting aside  essential foul weather gear to find something cool but not overly flesh revealing! All photos: HowAboutNo Local scene stalwart and Signal Gallery co-owner Dale Grimshaw produced a range of stunning large murals and smaller paste ups.     DALE […]


Hit Shot Walls – April 2013

Some of the new bits and pieces this month. . .  Special mention must go to Alo, hitting up so many locations this month and last I’ve officially lost count. Quite a few new faces to the streets too, but plenty of habitual Hackney hitters returning after a while away.   Enjoy.

Banksy C215 Chu Conor Harrington D*Face Evol Gaia Gold Peg Horror Jimmy C Motor Phlegm Probs Revok Roid Ronzo Rowdy Rusht Swoon

Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 4

Photos by HowAboutNo and NoLionsInEngland And here we have it folks, part 4 of 4 in the round up of 2011. This final look at the year now covers September all the way through to the end of December. Being that it was mild for the time of year, and there were a shed load […]

Ace Alo Blam Bortusk Leer Malarky Myne Pablo Delgado Paul Insect Probs Ron English Skewville Stik

Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 2

Part 2 of 4 in the round up of my favourite graffiti and street art action in 2011. Already a few days into the new year, this all feels so last year already. . . All photos by HowAboutNo except where stated. Probs Various Blam repainted his famous Oscar the Grouch piece (and possibly one […]

Cept dotmasters Dscreet Gold Peg Kid Acne Milo Tchais Nychos Revok Roa Sweet Toof VIBES RT Xenz

Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 1

Welcome pop pickers! A post I have meant to do for the last few years on Graffoto has been a look back at the year, be it a good or a bad one. The problem in previous years was that I just always ended up leaving it too late in the holiday, my bingo wings […]

ELk Evol

Evol @ Smithfield Market

All photos Howaboutno and Nolionsinengland as indicated Graffoto are pretty sure that this is the first actual stencil piece in London by German artist Evol and it’s great to see one in the flesh finally. Howaboutno NoLionsInEngland Howaboutno He actually uses both stencils and also paste ups (in this case just stencils with a spot […]

Paul Insect Urbex

Day Off Urbexing

So, I had a rare free day planned a week in advance to go to a few abandoned sites around East Sussex – namely a closed technical college on the sea front. . . And then on to a long closed private school in the countryside Now whilst on these trips I do expect to […]

Hastings Moose Reverse Graffiti

Hastings & St Leonards Moth Project

Eagle eyed residents of Hastings and St Leonards may have noticed the sudden crop of giant geometrically patterned moths appearing on walls around parts of both town centres recently. The reverse graffiti being the work of a UK artist called Moose, one of the people to have pioneered the movement of “Clean Art” where stencils […]

Heavy Artillery INSA Nylon

Heavy Artillery – Haters

Prescription Art GalleryBrighton, England22 Oct 2009 – all photos: NoLionsInEngland Heavy Artillery, awesome top end graffiti writers have opened their first whole crew show in Prescription Art’s gallery in Brighton. This show takes place in a distressed and dilapidated former music library with scene-of-the-crime tripod lighting, unlit external toilets and no running water, so a […]

Kid Acne

Keep ‘Em Peeled. . . Or Don’t As The Case May Be

As that eternal twat Shaw Taylor used to tell us back in days gone by, onto another twat that needs to be kept an eye out for and had some polite words with. From Flickr friend eddiedangerous comes this annoying story of street art theft – seemingly no one is safe, but currently hardest […]


Keep It Crap. . . A.K.A Councils Are Bullies!

Further to last weeks premature death of the Brick Lane hall of fame that had started and allowed to continue after the Meeting of Styles event this year, word has reached the Graffoto news desk of underhanded tatctics by Hackney Council in trying to bully shopkeepers into having graffiti cleaned from their shutters. A Shoreditch […]