The Krah – Upcoming Show

What do we know about The Krah? Most apparently, at least to alley way loitering photographers and graff art affectionadoes, he brightens the walls (and other found objects) of London and Athens with his un-mistakable style of art, an abstract fantasy character world populated by multiple faced limb deficient organo-cyborgs. The Krah works alone or with mates, and work in the wild can be rendered freehand using spray and marker pen or on paste-up. Low nipple count.


The Krah, Littll and b.
Brick Lane Crack den, with b. and Littll

He (or she?) has released a very striking limited edition print. One copy graces the NoLions collection.

The Krah Screenprint

The Krah has produced other indoor pieces, at least one is available (at time of writing) by hunting through his flickr photos.

In The Sky


And now, the latest news is an up-coming show at the Gallery Of Pure Evil in Leonard Street. Thursday 22 May 2008. It’s in the diary.

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