Diggs We Are Shitting. . . .

I am still undecided with what I’ll call this occasional style of updates…of which I have kidded my self will be daily (when I struggle to even get the time to make it weekly!)

I mostly intended to just highlight stuff that makes me smile on my way to work, I think the problem becomes that I want to show too much and get carried away!

So I promise, brevity will be the key, I’ll be short and sweet, say almost next to fuck all (except this once) and just show the great art that remains on the somewhat barren streets of the currently buffed East end (all courtesy of your friend and mine shown below….someone please tag the shit out of this van if you ever see it)

The only solution is a blank canvas…that works?!

So to get the ball rolling…a man who needs no introduction…not one of his most amazing works, but hey…still bloody marvellous.

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