Kid Acne

Keep ‘Em Peeled. . . Or Don’t As The Case May Be

As that eternal twat Shaw Taylor used to tell us back in days gone by, onto another twat that needs to be kept an eye out for and had some polite words with.

From Flickr friend eddiedangerous comes this annoying story of street art theft – seemingly no one is safe, but currently hardest hit is the currently most active street artist – Kid Acne.

Follow through to eddies picture on Flickr for the current discussion taking place, am sure it will grow – but this guy seriously needs a word or two in his shell-like to maybe tell him that we do appreciate it, and we mostly appreciate it being left where it is thank you very much!

For more pics of how great the recent batch of Acne “stabby girls” looked, view my Flickr pics here, Nolions pics here and the Kid Acne Flickr pool here.

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