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“Cut and Run” Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner 2 Man Show

Cut and Run
Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner

BSMT Space
5d Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BH

14 Dec 2017 – 14 January 2018

All photos: Dave Stuart

Long time ago in a ghetto far far away, pink gums and teeth chomped sections of roof tops, walls and anything else they could get their bite into. Scarcely a murder, robbery or car crash in the East End of London lacked for gnashing teeth on the walls in the background of the news outside broadcast.


tn_BC-ON-THE-WAGGON-web copy
Burning Candy On The Waggon by Sweet Toof

And not to forget of course he was a core member of the brilliant, now late lamented Burning Candy crew.

Burning Candy – feat Sweet Toof, Cept, Gold Peg, Mighty Mo, DScreet

tn_Mighty Mo Cyclops Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof, Might Mo, Cyclops 

tn_DSC01146 copy
Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Rowdy; Westmoreland House, Bristol (feat Xenz in foreground)

tn_DSC01951 copy 2
Sweet Toof, Rowdy, Mighty Mo, Gold Peg; Hackney Wick

tn_DSC01988 copy
Sweet Toof, Tek 33, Mighty Mo, Gold Peg & others

Sweet Toof, Mighty Mo, Shoreditch

Just before Christmas, a bright shiny star travelled a long way North and came to hover over three shutters and clearly said unto Sweet Toof… “Paint” and lo, he did, and a wall as well.

Sweet Toof 2017
Sweet Toof, Dalston, Dec 2017

Sweet Toof 2017
Sweet Toof, Dalston, Dec 2017

Sweet Toof 2017
Sweet Toof & Rolf Carl Werner, Dalston, Dec 2017

Just to pick a few bits out from between the teeth; there’s joy and wit in the appearance of the teeth and gums, a kind of cheeky devilish humour; it looks like Sweet Toof has a lot of fun getting up on walls

Sweet Toof, the artist behind those dental records tuned in, turned on and buggered off to a foreign wilderness but recently emerged back in London for a collaborative exhibition with Rolf Carl Werner at the BSMT space.

Show Flyer courtesy BSMT Space

Sweet Toof met Rolf Carl Werner in Sweden, they painted a bit of stuff outdoors which clicked and so they paired up for this collaborative show. Sweet Toof is actually no stranger to a molar collaboration.

Route Canal Drill with ROA (Bel)

tn_P1090622 copy
Sweet Toof & Paul Insect

tn_DSC_5731-001 copy
Sweet Toof & Paul Insect (related “making of” video)

Sweet Toof, Sickboy

Sweet Toof, Mr Penfold, Numskull

tn_Sweet Toof Rabodiga copy
Sweet Toof and Rabodiga (Esp)

One thing stands out about RCW – he seems to be Big In Sweden. Everything about RCW is written in Swedish, he appears to have no internet footprint on his own account and it appears he and his art have never crossed the Swedish border, so this joint show is literally breaking boundaries. Evidently he is a crack illustrator who also happens to have a decent pedigree as a below-the-radar graffiti writer. Not in a “hardly ever done any real graffiti” sense but in the sense that his style and practice was evolved in a completely understated home grown way away from the hip hop and the halls of fame and the metropolitan tracksides and tunnels where the legends competed for attention, RCW  kept it local, hardly mentioning even to other artists and illustrators that he did graffiti. Sweet Toof himself asserts that RCW is great to paint with and that he is recognised throughout Sweden, but nowhere else!

tn_DSC_0531 copy
Flying Cap, Rolf Carl Werner, spraypaint on wooden cutout

RCW has a very illustraterly cartoonish style and that is not a million miles from the Sweet Toof groove. Influenced by hip hop, metal and fantasy, RCS’s work is colourful and phantasmagorical featuring heavily segmented creatures.

“Fly Till It Burns” Rolf Carl Werner, spraypaint on canvas

Fly Till it Burns is a characteristic RCW work, albeit very large coming in at over 2m high, it features a pair of pair of characters, the tread on the trainers suggests both are RCW, being devoured in a fantasy scene of mouths, flying spraycan caps, flames, smoke and smashed landscapes. Notice the graffiti structure, not only has RCW got his name on the tread of the trainers but look at the Capital R in the smoke, the C in the bizarre ghetto blaster and the way the two pairs of legs make up the letter W.

There is only one of those stupendous oil paintings which Sweet Toof shows used to be dominated by.

tn_DSC_0533 copy
“Letting off Steam”, Sweet Toof, Oil and enamel on linen

Often artistic pairings in shows typically brings together two separate artists each working individually on canvasses with, hopefully but not always, some kind of empathetic resonance, perhaps both providing their own idiosyncratic interpretations of a particular theme. Ok, you can reference Herakut, Faile and a few others who practice as a genuine team but generally a pairing of artists coats a deceptive gloss over the mundane reality that they may not have the strength individually to carry a show on their own. This is definitely not the case in “Cut and Run” where RCW and Sweet Toof paint together on collaborative canvases and objets.

Boner’s part zombie part cyborg face works brilliantly to show how Sweet Toof and RCW’s work compliment eachother.

tn_DSC_0534 copy
“Boner”; Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner

The Night Dweller diptych has been presented on a shelf with a very urban nightscape painted on the wall and it works perfectly, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to separate those pieces from the background, though curiously the cut outs are being sold as two separate pieces.

tn_IMG_3347 copy
“Night Dweller” Sweet toof, Rolf Carl Wener, spraypaint on wooden cut out

In Flesh Easter, RCW’s futuristic multicoloured illustrations add a psychedelic looking robo-punk aesthetic to Sweet Toof’s ghoulish skeletal zombie heads.

tn_IMG_3338 copy
“Flesh Eater”, Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner, spraypaint on wooden cut out

Humanoid Duet is also a piece that works incredibly well together but has been set up so that fans of each artist can just buy that artist’s portion, which is a bit strange but, you know, shit’s gotta sell!

tn_IMG_3367 copy
Humanoid Duet, Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner, spraypaint on wooden cutout

For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting BSMT space in Dalston, it is a fairly idiosyncratic basement with a large main room, a white cube back room, a couple of vaulted brick alcoves and a galley, in some respects it is reminiscent of Pure Evil’s compartmentalised basement gallery back in the early days.



Sweet Toof has made some cool installations in the cellar like brick cubby holes.

tn_IMG_3896 copy
Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner installation

tn_IMG_3895 copy
Sweet Toof

Many of the artworks in this show exist as objects rather than paper or canvas paintings. Both artists have contributed a large number of spray painted and acrylic wooden cut outs and in particular, paintings on artist palettes.

tn_IMG_3356 copy
Individual cut outs: Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner

tn_DSC_0532 copy
Sweet Toof, Rolf Carl Werner, various acrylic and enamel on artists palette

tn_IMG_3357 copy
Sweet Toof Dental Charts (Acrylic and enamel on canvas)

I am grateful for the gallery staff who broke it to me that two of RCW’s cutouts represented male and female sex toys. Perhaps it’s something that a Swede would spot easily.

tn_DSC_0544 copy
Rolf Carl Werner

This show ticks a number of boxes: first sighting of Sweet Toof in a London show since his epic 2012 warehouse clearance “Sweet Revenge”; first exposure to Rolf Carl Werner – for these eyes at least; a bright energetic two man show with genuine collaborative pieces and finally, yet another strong show which further enhances BSMT’s very impressive track record for urban art exhibitions

This show opened before Christmas and you’d think that meant plenty of time to bash out a few stuttering and possibly drunken observations and fling some wobbly photos into a blog post but it doesn’t work like that, specially over Christmas specially for Graffoto. So, sorry this is late but at the time of publishing there are still 4 days left before the exhibition closes and one suspects that some of the unsold works may continue to be available through the gallery after the show. If you have the time to pop into the show before it closes then, like all BSMT’s shows, this is definitely one worth making the trek for (look for the small A Frame sign outside a narrow door descending straight down into a basement).

More photos:

tn_DSC_0530 copy
“Horny Skull”, Sweet Toof and Rolf Carl Werner collab, spraypaint on wooden cutout

tn_IMG_3354 copy
Sweet Toof, acrylic enamel on wooden bats, pipe, choo choo etc

tn_IMG_3363 copy
Sweet Toof: Skull Duet

tn_IMG_3360 copy
Sweet Toof Dental Chart (Acrylic and enamel on canvas)

tn_DSC_0543 copy
Character by Sweet Toof, Molotov spraypaint cap by Rolf Carl Wener

tn_DSC_0540 copy
Sweet Toof (as if you needed to be told), water jug, clay pipe

tn_DSC_0537 copy
“Hot Water”, Sweet Toof, acrylic and enamel on old bottle

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Where do we start????? Lets begin at the gallery! The really nice folks down in the basement to start with. Take out all the vowels and that leaves the BSMT. They really have cut their baby teeth since they first opened bringing urban street art to us arty junkies of loving stuff on walls. Sweet tooth now a Clarence cliff of eminence indeed and Burning Candy legends alive and kicking in many nooks and crannies. Great to see some of your collection of photos from your archive and present Dave… I must try and drag my doggy hip down to the big city to see this wonderful exhibition in vibrant Dalston! I hope the sign outside say "Please Gum inside we don't bite" Yummy post indeed Dave….. Cheers

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