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Planet Selfie & Hello The Mushroom

As we enjoyed a rare hot late May bank holiday in the UK, the Bank holiday Monday Shoreditch Street Art Tour discovered a fascinating range of new street art that had been put up since just the day before.  One curious aspect was the number of gorgeous collaborations, in fact just for fun we could link the artist combinations in a street art “degrees of separation” web of connectivity.   The main image at the top of the post features Planet Selfie & Hello The Mushroom.
Hello The Mushroom & So Schoen Immer Weider
Hello The Mushroom in collaboration with So.Schoen.Immer.Wieder

Paste up artist Hello The Mushroom, previously of London now based in Oslo, has collaborated creatively with many street artists from other countries and it was a pleasure to find eye catching art works with So.Schoen.Immer.Wieder, Planet Selfie, both of Cologne, Jens Regler from Sweden and Eraquario of Brazil.
Hello The Mushroom & Eraquario
Hello The Mushroom in collab with Eraquario

Hello The Mushroom & Jens Regler
Hello The Mushroom and Jens Regler

Planet Selfie & Hello The Mushroom
Hello The Mushroom in collab with Planet Selfie

Planet Selfie in turn has a collaboration up with Dacarter
Planet Selfie & DaCarter
Planet Selfie, Dacarter

The above photo features also Fanakapan‘s anamorphic balloon at the entrance to that alley, meanwhile also in that alley is another Planet Selfie, this time with Rad aka Raddington Falls
Planet Selfie and Rad aka  Raddington Falls
Planet Selfie, Rad aka Raddington Falls

Here for good measure is a small sample of the many collaborations that have delighted and inspired us in the past year starting with a couple of my favourite street artists, Smiler and Face The Strange.
Smiler & Face The Strange
Smiler & Face The Strange

Coloquix & UltraMarineDream
UltramarineDream & Coloquix

City Kitty, Mowcka, Neon Savage & Sketch Rat

Neon Savage, City Kitty, Sketch Rat, Mowcka – March 2021

Mowcka revisited this collaboration and added a new hair piece to it, Mowcka told us

“ I put a new paste ups on the previous one because it had been broken and I wanted to keep the collaboration”

Check out the fading of the original colours since the photo below was taken in its infancy.
Neon Savage, City Kitty, Sketch Rat, Mowcka June 2020
Neon Savage, City Kitty, Sketch Rat, Mowcka – June 2020

City Kitty has a podcast in which he chats with fellow street artist Lunge Box about this very subject, collaborations, check that out HERE

All photos Dave Stuart except where noted

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