Art Show Review

Orrible Eau de Virus show

Secret Art Gallery
28 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH
21 Nov – 19 Dec 2021

Inadequate ventilation is not normally an issue when viewing Orrible’s art as we are mainly familiar spotting it out on the streets. Indoors you better wear a mask for Covid 19 is definitely the theme for his London solo show at the Secret Art Gallery.

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Orrible first appeared on London’s street art scene some 5 years ago, his animal paste-ups combining stencil and paste-up techniques on decent quality paper stock.

tn_IMG_3199 copy

tn_IMG_1971 copy
That time Orrible was given a G, 2016

tn_IMG_1832 Copy

The past year has seen Orrible pasting up apt to be mis-interpreted Covid-19 art work spoofing and parodying the classic Chanel No19 spray bottle.

tn_IMG_4706 copy

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The two floor gallery just off Brick Lane is packed with Orrible’s spraypainted stencil artwork, the paper art and canvasses in essence are made the same way as the art that appears on the street.

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tn_IMG_0590 copy
A Chanel bottle denotes luxury. The luxury in question could refer to the inequality in the availability of vaccines and the cruel irony of vaccines being produced in low cost developing nations being contractually destined for wealthy first world domains and almost completely unavailable in the country of origin.

tn_IMG_0593 copy
Eau de Virus, 3 layer stencil with black diamond dust

If one city may be held to characterise style and luxury that city would be Paris, hence its place of pride on the Chanel bottle. Paris is replaced with Wuhan in the Eau de Virus bottle which on the streets at least has triggered China ex-pat sensitivities against insults to the motherland.

tn__DSC7889 copy

tn_IMG_5006 copy

A used stencil hanging in the gallery draws attention firstly to the fact that at least two different stencils were used in creating versions of the Covid-19 Spray bottle then, if you really dive into the detail, you discover one of the natural charms of a stencil in that no two uses of the same stencil will produce the exact same result.

tn_IMG_0582-001 copy
tn_IMG_0586 copy
Eau de Virus, 3 layer stencil on genuine Chinese notes, cast resin glaze

tn_IMG_0630 copy
The Orrible show has a refreshingly honesty, a throwback to simpler times and earlier days. Urban art passed peak hype a long time ago. Street art media coverage now is dominated by hero artists doing massive murals who indoors morph into fine art painters; illustrators and graphic designers spewing day job by-product rule the paste up space on the streets but in this show, the artist takes the same art seen on the street, made using the exact same stencil technique, adds resin and diamond dust bling but still the art is essentially the street come inside. tn_IMG_0607 copy
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All photos: Dave Stuart

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