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Banksy Cut and Run List

Comprehensive list of art works exhibited by Banksy at “Cut and Run” Show, GOMA, Glasgow, Jul-Aug 2023

Exhibition art works in roughly the order they appeared in the show, with notes on where the art originally appeared and the elements which make up the display.   Some titles are completely made up, in fact they all are just most weren’t made up by Banksy.  Unless otherwise stated the art work should be assumed to have been originally an outdoor “street art” piece. 

Banksy did not allow cameras or phones in the exhibition.  Photos below are to give an idea of what the Cut and Run art work looks like when previously displayed on the street or in other Banksy shows, they are not the actual item exhibited at Cut and Run. Except for the polaroids, which show parts of the artwork, photo by Cut and Run attendants and also a couple taken after you were allowed to repossess your own phone. 

All photos except polaroids and video screengrabs Dave Stuart

Absolutely no weapons components allowed (unless you can provide a reasonable explanation)
  1. “Cone erectors”. Piggyback boys stencil and cone installation depicting cone being installed. Same stencil as “Graffiti is A Crime” from “Better Out Than In”, New York, October 2013. 

2. Glossary. 7 items.  The Glossary in the Cut and Run book has two additional definitions: “Dog” and “Buff”, they may not be what you think.

3. Artist’s studio mock-up

  1. Ukraine Firefighting Lady in dressing gown and gas mask stencil, black layer bearing MIHN text
  2. Two policemen stencil
  3. Heavy Weaponry stencil
  4. Mona Lisa stencil
  5. Banksy tag stencils, x4 or x5,
  6. “People who enjoy waving flags..” text stencil
  7. Stanley knife
  8. Xacto stencil knife
  9. Assorted blades

4. “Flower painter” photo, Pollard St

Pollard Street, 2007

5. Floral vomit boy with spraycan, photo, New York 2013

6. Photo montage, 16 street pieces on 4×4 grid.  The book pages have a different aspect ratio to the gallery display so the book has 12 photos on 3×4 grid.  Photos include:

  1. Hoola hoop girl, Nottingham 2020
  2. Migrant Child, Venice canal, 20149
  3. Pulling The Plug, Bristol 2001
  4. London Olympics pole vaulter (never photographed by anyone else)
  5. BBoy, Dalston, London, 2009
  6. It was busy, wife getting fed up with obsessive attention to detail etc
hoola hoop girl, Nottingham,
refugee migrant, Venice
Dalston BBoy, 2009

7. Bank Tube station Banksy, photo, 2021

8. Online comments, printed card on wall.

“Find these vandals and throw them in prison for 10 years. Start with Banksy”.

“The best way to stop graffiti is to paint over it the next day.  They soon give up”, Scooby Doo, Middle England,

“No, I think cutting their hands off would be more effective”, Cap Sensible, Swindon

9. “Basquiat Stop and search”.  Barbican 2017.

  • Stencil, black layer, image fully painted onto stencil.
  • Photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat original reference painting (“Boy and dog in a Johnny pump”, 1982),
“Basquiat Stop and Search”, additional elements by Danny Minnick

10. Running coppers stencil, seen Bridewell Police Station, 1998. “Monet had light, Hockney has colour, I have police response time”

11. “Mobile lovers” painting, spraypaint mist on board

12. “Snowflake”, Port Talbot,

  • Stencil, black layer
  • Accompanying “Home-made local merchandise”- cushion, mug, photo on slate
Snowflake (detail) at Gross Domestic Product Show, also “Banksquiat”

13. “Met Ball”

  • Riot cop mirrored helmet
  • Tagged traffic bollard below
Riot police helmet mirrorball Banksy
Met Ball, Gross Domestic Product show, 2019

14.”Pillow fight” stencil, from Walled Off Hotel

15. “Jail Break”, stencilled image and crayon art piece.  New York, 2010

16. “Grand terrace”, pixelated CCTV frame tribute to Rodney King depicting LAPD beating a donkey piñata. Large canvas. First displayed “Art On The Streets”, MOCA 2011

17. “Kissing Coppers”, black layer stencil, top half. Brighton 2004.

18. Stormzy Union flag stab-proof vest.  Worn Glastonbury Main Stage, 2019

  • Video clip of Stormzy trying on vest, talking of perfection and energy flying out
Union flag stab jacket, Gross Domestic Product show 2019

19. Bataclan veiled Madonna. Stencil card and metal gauze (veil effect). Illumination casts image in white onto black wall behind. Paris 2018.

20. “Twin towers”, painting on “road narrows right” road sign mounted on pole.

21. ” Wrong War” installation

  • Protest march photo
  • 7 placards, paper on board with pole
    • Bomb hugger
    • Winston Churchill
    • Grim reaper
    • CND Copper
    • Empty plinth
    • Happy choppers (small, x4)
  • Happy chopper stencil, x4 choppers
  • Divorce papers presented by wife
Happy Choppers, Shoreditch

22. “Flower thrower” tryptic, torn paper pasted on placard boards with poles

Banksy Flower Thrower tryptic
Flower Thrower tryptic, Gross Domestic Product show, 2019

23. “Don’t forget your scarf”, stencil. Flag, scarf and hair layer. Print version displayed Banksy V Bristol Museum, Aug 2009. Outdoor stencil version Croydon Sep 2009

“Don’t forget your scarf”, Banksy v. Bristol Museum, 2009

24. “Vote to Leave” installation

  • Vote To Leave image, modified political placard. Entered under pseudonym “Bryan S. Gaakman”(“Banksy anagram” anag.), Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show, 2018
  • Vote to leave stencil, red layer
  • Vote to leave stencil – bandages layer
  • Lawyer’s letter from Lawrence Power, Whitestone Chambers acting on behalf of the original designer

25. “Fragile” stencilled mouse on cardboard scratching letters F and R from printed word Fragile, framed image

26. “Breaking News”.  Image of woman picking up brick plus news scroll painted on cracked TV.  Displayed Walled Off Hotel,

  1. “Slave Labour”. Stencil with bunting on floor. Turnpike Lane 2012
    Banksy Slave Labourer stencil London 2012
  2. Mannequin representing Banksy in disguise installing painting in museum
    • Mannequin stepping over red rope
    • “Pie face”. Framed modified oil painting
    • Photo of actual museum action
  3. Tear Gas David. Displayed Walled Off Hotel
    • Statue
    • Photo: Walled Off Hotel exterior
  4. “Love Is In The Bin”. “Making of” room
    • Components board display
    • Small dis-assembled prototype model,
    • Large scale dis-assembled frame and parts
    • Video showing original Banksy video of shredding
      Banksy shredded art at Sothebys
  5. “Any person found painting graffiti on these premises will be reported” – official warning notice, red stencil lettering on wood, defaced with biro scrawl:  “to the nearest art dealer”. Displayed at “Art On The Streets”, MOCA 2011
  6. Pride of leopards, stencil, black layer, not painted in. Displayed at Walled Off Hotel
  7. “Sirens Of The Lambs”. Previously seen New York “Better Out Than In”, 2013
    • Animal transport truck with stuffed animals
    • animatronic hot dog on dashboard
    • Audio – toy animal bleats
    • Audio – Street sounds, horns, children shrieking
      Banksy Sirens Of The Lambs, Cut and Run, GOMA 2023
  8. “Choose Your Weapon”.  Bermondsey 2010
    • Painting on wood fence slats
    • Character stencil, full height head to “feet”, black layer
      Banksy Choose Your weapons dog barks at man in Bermondsey
      Choose Your Weapons, Bermondsey, London, 2010
  9. “No Trespassing” Stencil, black layer, suspended in front of brick wall and sign. San Francisco 2010
  10. “No Ball Games” 2 part stencil, black layer with “no ball games” sign, mounted on 3 spike fence.  Canvas exhibited “Barely Legal” show, LA, 2006 and “Banksy v. Bristol Museum”, 2009.  Outdoor version Tottenham September 2009.
  11. GCHQ Spies
    • Phone box
    • 3 spies, multiple stencils with painted in imagery
    • Microphone stencil, separate layer collaged onto spy stencil
    • Satellite dish
  12. “Metropolitan Peace”
    • Riot policeman on mechanised toy horse, mounted on plinth. Seen Banksy v. Bristol Museum, 2009
    • Tagged cone at base to rear
  13. “WHAT?” Boy – fully painted image on newsstand surface. Tottenham Court Rd, London 2005. Reported sold to private collector.
  14. “Hoop-la child”, image of child playing hoop-la with burning tyre, stencil fully painted in.  Seen Bridge Town Farm School, Bristol, 2016
  15. Drilling Rat. Various locations, London early 2000s
    • Stencil cut from film poster (“Mulit”.  Ivan Zacharias, 2003)
    • Sprayed drilling rat drilling cover off fire alarm box
      Banksy stencil rat drilling cover off gas meter
  16. Bus Shelter dancers. “Great British Spraycation”, Great Yarmouth, 2021
    • Bus shelter
    • Stencils, 3 characters
    • Hydraulic jack
      Banksy stencils dancing on bus stop shelter Great Yarmouth
  17. “Morning Has Broken” recreation: window pane (actually a one way window providing view from inside room on other side) and corrugated sheet curtains. Herne Bay 2023
  18. “Crayon House Foreclosure”, LA 2011
    • Image of crayon house and 2 characters painted in full on reverse of stencil
    • Photo of LA street version
  19. “Painting The Fourth Wall” – Valentine’s Day Mascara installation
    • Photo of artist Pete Brown painting in Margate at site of Valentine’s Day Mascara
    • 5 oil paintings by Pete Brown of Margate “Valentine’s Day Mascara” scene
    • Stencil of “Valentine’s Day Mascara” female character, black layer stencil fully coloured in
    • Stencil of “Valentine’s Day Mascara” male legs
    • 3x artist easels
    • 2x paint boxes with oil paints and art tools
      Banksy Margate Valentines Day Mascara stencil causes scene Painted on oil by Pete Brown
  20. Dismaland stall, Weston-Super-Mare, 2015
    • Dismaland book
    • Cardboard Dismaland layout model
    • Radio controlled model refugee boat
    • Glitched mermaid maquette
    • Sign “It’s NOT Art unless it has the potential to be a DISASTER”
    • Oily pelican from “Pluck A Duck From The Muck” stall
    • Photo – Dismal Stewards
    • Dismal Steward paint tin lid Mickey Mouse ears
    • Sculpture: grubby snow white dress held up by two birds
    • Dismaland teeshirts

  21. Venice Cruise Ship”, Venice 2019 (unofficial Biennale hijack)
    • composite cruise ship image, 9 framed paintings mounted on 3 spike fence
    • tea-chest containing 2 small frames, 3 cardboard tubes
    • furled blue umbrella
    • chair
    • pot with collection of used paintbrushes
  22. Arcade game grab stencil. Gorleston Beach, 2021.  Displayed reversed.
  23. “Peace hearts” doctor, stencil set against simulated toilet wall background
    • Stencil
    • Toilet wall simulation
    • Condom vending machine
  24. Access to “Sirens of the Lambs” interior
    • Stuffed toy controls – brake levers, foot pedals
      Banksy Sirens Of The Lambs, Cut and Run, GOMA 2023
  25. “Bit Of A Minefield”, photo: Ukraine playground with sign MIHN
  26. “Ukraine Gymnast”, seen Ukraine 2022
    • black layer stencil Gymnast body painted in grey on stencil card
    • building rubble
  27. “God Bless Birmingham”. Flying reindeer installation, Birmingham 2019
    • 2 reindeer stencils
    • Outdoor bench with homeless sleeper mannequin
  28. Simpsons couch segment, animation first broadcast Oct 2010
    • Storyboard
    • Bart  “I must not write on walls” painting
    • Framed animation cell of sweat shop animators

  29. “The Great Escape”. Large format Photo, Banksy (probably) with scratched out face climbing over a railing, stencilled ant on graffiti in background
  30. Display case, various sketches and collages, some with composition or execution notes
    • “Migrants not welcome” collage of pigeons
    • “Guerrilla Art”, gorilla with theatrical mask, as seen Bristol
    • Donut van with motorcycle outriders sketch labelled “Carbs”
    • “Slave labour” sketch
    • “Well Hung Lover” pencil sketch, paper roughly 9cm x 10cm,
    • “Cut and run” rat with Stanley knife sketch
    • “Sweep it under the carpet” sketch and collaged face image (not Steph!)
  31. “Revenge is sweet” lift installation
    • Lift with doors jammed open with fire extinguisher
    • Interior lighting activated by lift button
    • Mannequin of figure holding spraycan and stencil
    • Multiple stencils of ants on walls and ceiling of lift
  32. “Easton Hit Squad” stencil reinforced on estate agent sign
    • Stencil
    • 2x photos of image on streets
  33. Wall mounted stencil collage, some stencils previously displayed “Banksy v. Bristol Museum”, 2009
    • Toxic rat
    • Bowler hat and umbrella rat
    • Ghetto blaster rat (chain, NY baseball hat)
    • Climbing rat with backpack
    • Running rat with backpack
    • Boltcutter rat
    • Radio controlled rat with Banksy tag
      Banksy rat Toxicrat Shoreditch
      Toxic Rat, Shoreditch
      Banksy Rat Ghettoblasterrat Ghettorat Smithfields Stencilled
      Ghetto Blaster Rat
  34. “Drawing Attention To Yourself”
    • Two Stencils of 4 characters staring at…
    • Banksy name tagged on distressed plywood
  35. “Outlaw Rat”. rat with 2 spraycans painted on chipboard. As seen on “The Outlaws”, BBC Bristol drama, 2021
  36. Stencils montage
    • HMV 2 parts
    • Barcode leopard
    • Small arcade game grab
    • Gas masked hornet, gun mounted on back
    • Shouting couple
    • Barcode shark in water
    • “Bomb Middle England” 2 parts
    • “Keep it Real” placard monkey
      Banksy HMV HisMastersVoice Stencil Cargo Dog Gramophone
      HMV, feat Stylo graffiti, London 2001
  37. Girl With Balloon
    • Stencil (small version)
    • Photo – Southbank specimen
      Banksy GirlWithBalloon GWB Stencil Shoreditch
      Girl With Balloon, Shoreditch
  38. “Working From Home” – set used in 2020 video clip released online
    • Caravan bathroom interior
    • Stencilled rats x6
    • Miniature rat sketches on tracing paper
  39. Stencils (large)
    • Angel (2 parts)
    • Copper with spraycan
    • Horse guard (top half)
    • “Laugh Now” monkey
    • “Cancelled” 2 parts: top half of man plus “Cancelled” text
    • “Sweep it under the carpet” maid (black layer)
    • “No future” girl, as seen Southampton 2010
    • “Under the pavement” boy
    • “Shop til you drop” 3 parts: shopper, trolley, pearls
    • “Queen Vic” on mechanised shutter, periodically rising up to reveal stencil behind
    • “Luxury Rentals Only” seen “Great British Spraycation”, Cromer Beach, 2021
    • Boy with spraycan and Butler with tray, as seen NY 2013 “Ghetto For Life” piece
    • “Love Plane” as seen Liverpool 2011
    • Pixelated hourglass with heart – from “Single Lane Ahead”

      Shop Till You Drop, London, 2011

      Luxury Rentals Only, 2011

      Under The Pavement, Great Yarmouth, 2021
      Banksy Love Plane Liverpool stencil
      Love Plane, Liverpool, 2011
  40. “Designated Graffiti Area”
    • Stencil
    • Assorted spray caps
    • Photos street execution, various locations
      Banksy Stencil Guard Dog Poodle Designated Graffiti Area Cargo Nightclub
      Designated Graffiti Area, London, 2001
  41. “What are you looking at?” installation
    • Stencil
    • CCTV
  42. “Designated picnic area”
    • Stencil
    • Rubbish bin
      Banksy Stencil "Designated Picnic Area"
      Designated Picnic Area, Shoreditch
  43. “Caution trapdoor” image sprayed on ground
  44. “This is my New York accent” stencil, New York “Better Out Than In”, 2013
  45. “Sorry the lifestyle you ordered is out of stock”
    • Text stencil in front of…
    • Framed oil painting
  46. “Buried Treasure” stencil
  47. “Flower thrower” on paper (small) captioned “First version”
  48. “I Blame The Parents” large format graphic story
  49. “Street art lasts”. photo Southbank Girl With Balloon ghost (buffed)
  50. “Exit Through The Gift Shop” text on framed oil painting
    Banksy Original Painting Exit Through The Gift Shop
    “Exit Through The Gift Shop” from “Cut and Run”, GOMA 2023
  51. “Designated graffiti area”. Stencilled image on board
    Banksy stencil "Designated Graffiti Area"
    “Designated Graffiti Area” from “Cut and Run”, GOMA 2023

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