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F*** the F***ing F***ers – FREE 10FOOT

photos: NoLionsInEngland except Joeppowhere noted Standby for a bit of a rant at inappropriate sentencing. Artist unknown – view LARGE London tagger, bomber and graffiti artist 10FOOT has been sentenced to 26 months in prison for a long list of acts of graffiti, also known as crimes. On release, he has a weird 5 year […]

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The Buff – RIP Graffiti and Street Art in Shoreditch

all photos Nolionsinengland except where stated Shoreditch is a colourful, artistic furiously beating heart within the borough of Hackney. Among many forms of creative and cultural excellence, street art within Shoreditch is significant on the global scale if not even world leading. Visitors come from far and wide specifically to see the street art and […]

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Robbo vs Banksy – Did You Think It Was Over?

This post is written by nolionsinengland and is not necessarily reflective of the thoughts of co-bloggers Howaboutno and Shellshock, in fact they may not even be my friends any more! About 4 days after you read it here on Graffoto, The Times proclaimed ”Not since the rivalry of Picasso and Matisse…. has there been such […]