Piss Holes in the Snow. . .

Well, on Old Street for now at least. I first saw these things in Amsterdam about 5 or 6 years ago, they rolled them out “for ze tourishts at ze veekend” and then rolled away and things back to relative normality (In Dam at least) for Monday morning.

So just outside the Police station (at least I believe it is?) on Old Street this afternoon, I am not sure if this is to be a permanent installation, but a few people have already been spotted using it.
Quite frankly, yes, fair game when I’m lashed on a Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun and couldn’t give a flying chuff…but the opportunity for billy big bollocks to piss inches away from me walking past casually eating my Subway meatball £1.99 sub of the day? Fuck that shit !

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