D*Face Eine

The Meaning of Graffoto According To Me. . .

This site/blog is called GRAF FOTO (but all joined up for slickness) I thought it was time to add some more plain and simple FOTOS…….GRAF has pretty much consumed my life for almost 2 years now, and whilst I will always love it for how much it has re-opened my eyes to imagery again…I really do need to take pics of other stuff!
I always endeavour to use my OWN pictures as posted mainly on the Flickr website but wherever I use others, I always try to check it’s o.k with them, and will always offer readers (who am I kidding….readers!?!) a link to other people’s work. Everything here in this post (and 95% of others) however, is 100% mine.
Crapski central! :o)

Have always been more into candid shots of street life anyway, so its not all that far removed at the end of the day, but walls hold their pose for a little bit longer. Just out of practice of taking people.

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