Judith Supine

Supine Live in London

Acting on a hunch, your intrepid wall sniffing scouts found a small group of shady individuals, one a genuis street artist, one a photographer and a couple of scaffolding monkeys setting up for a bit of street decoration. Judith Supine, for twas indeed the man himself, confirmed this was a kind of maybe, maybe not legit commissioned piece. The night was freezing cold, so after a few work in progress pics we headed off for some mulled wine and warm women. . . .

Beautiful sunshine this morning showed the resulting series of paste ups in all their glory. If they aren’t legit, they are certainly handily out of easy reach of the council buffers. Perhaps we should have asked what the piece was about, so in ignorance of what was in his mind, we have christened it “Fear And Loathsome In Shoreditch”

Daylight pics & words courtesy of nolionsinengland, view his Flickr pictures here

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