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Re-newed activity from K-Guy with the appearance of stencils and paste ups on the streets of London as well as finalising a lush new picture to be released shortly:

Taking aim at synthesised chemical ridden food (see the extras on the Supersize Me DVD if you don’t believe that!) as well as cultural homogeneity, K-Guy, or rather an overweight salad dodger, says Bin McDonalds!

Placement is everything as we all now, and K-Guy doesn’t miss his mark with this one, the City Road Shoreditch Drive In outpost of the Evil Empire being the target:

The stencil itself reminds us of his anti-gun culture stencil “Keep Britain Tidy” last year which still wears well today.

Busy times for K-Guy, the same night this pair of paste-ups appeared on Blackaller Street in London.

The point of these is to emphasise that today’s Britain is a multi-cultural nation where non Christian religions, international cultures and are integral and everyday parts of the fabric of our society. Liz rules just as much for women in veils as she does for Shire ladies who lunch.

We had the pleasure of bumping into K-Guy at a recent opening, at which he thrust a piece of information laden paper into our mitts and mutter “don’t be fooled, I really AM a guy”.

K-Guy – allegedly a bloke

The new image has been ummmmmm christened LiZLam, and it is soon to be released in a variety of forms through Leonard Street Gallery rather than Souled Out Studios (much like the original ed 3 hand printed and finished fag packets was released at Leonard Street’s Found Show prior to the silk screen edition through SoS).

There will be three colours, gold, silver and emerald, which doubtless will spark much pointless debate as to which is best. A small edition of 4 of each will be done on board and a larger and obviously cheaper edition will come on paper. The crown is hand sprinkled in diamond dust, so this time instead of hunting out that elusive particular edition number, try and get the heaviest!

Eagled eyed show goers may have caught a sneak preview at Leonard Street’s Souled Out opening of the first of the board editions which was briefly kicking around the floor before being shoved out the back:

LiZLam on board

Anyway, the full description of the editions is:

EDITIONS: 4 x Gold – 4 x Silver – 4 x Emerald
SIZE: actual board size – approx 800 x 600mm – framed size = approx. 880 x 680mm
SUBSTRATE: 12mm OSB particle board
DESCRIPTION: Hand painted white emulsion + 4 colour screenprint + hand sprayed stencil text + diamond dusted crown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Signed, numbered and hand stencilled logo on the back

EDITIONS: 25 x Gold – 25 x Silver – 25 x Emerald
SIZE: – approx 825 x 610mm
SUBSTRATE: 300gsm, ‘Peregrina Majestic’ – Pearl white metallic paper with a stipple texture
DESCRIPTION: 4 colour screenprint + hand diamond dusted crown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Signed, Stamped and numbered

You may notice there are two or three key bits of info missing here and for those, the wunnerful folk at TSLG will oblige at the right time. Soon. On yer marks!

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