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Cless, Dan Malone, Dropmedia, Eelus, Gauche, Majowski, Mike Egan, Sebograficos, Twugraphic

Cement Gallery Group Show 27 Mar – 5 Apr

One of the first victims of the build-em-up-knock-em-down pump and dump street art print scene was Eelus, slagged off for knocking out large editions of the one image in too many colourways. No longer on the PoW roster having chosen to go full time and sell via his own website, Eelus has broken cover to participate in a mate’s group show.

Two notable performances to report. Mike Egan among his other talents is an embalmer. His art has a determined focus on death with abundant bleeding skeletons as ghoulish dead beings rather than just dead bodies. The style echoes Mexican El Día de los Muertos (day of the dead) iconography and calls to mind the Date Farmers as seen in London’s Leonard Street Gallery last year. Egan’s corner here includes half a dozen 12” square heavily lacquered death related pieces on wood, a trio of similar framed giclee editons plus a trio of very attractive errrrrrrrrrrrrrr..skull and coffin decks.

Mike Egan

Mike Egan – 4 Coffins To Bury

Dropmedia turns out to be a graphic designer and curator. Large stark rectilinear montages on canvasses feature sub-scale silhouetted men striding around or off the canvas edges dwarfed by dramatic and alarmingly red and black collaged objects. These semi abstract, original pieces are quite stunning.


Back to Eelus, the newest image is his most intriguing and clever. A boy on a barren moonscape is growing some kind of crystal, or perhaps another planet on a canvas?


Also showing well is the 4 colour spraypaint on wood Raven Haired though this is going down the girl with big hair with stuff in it route mapped out by others including Luc Price and David Choe, who both incorporate way more texture and detail in the bouffant region. Perhaps Eelus has long hair and this captures how he feels about it in the morning?

Eelus – Raven Haired

The rest of Eelus’s images have been seen before on his website, and the interweaving of the Jawa eyed skeleton gazelle walker with the rear end of the skeleton remains baffling even close up.

If naked breasts is your thing and lets face it for about 50% of the population that’s probably the case, then Cless can do something for you.

Cless: Horny – Only God Can Help Me

Majowski’s Eya is a beautiful evocation of a sun drenched urchin girl with a heavy Astec Mexican nest of hair fringing her eyes

Majowski – Eya

Dan Malone must have an audience amongst a certain cadre of bedroom geeks but too much of the stuff looks like the sub-manga computer game imagery churned out by the ton.pixel.megabyte load in keyboard sweatshops the world over.

Dan Malone – Youth 1 Red

Twugraphic goes the easy and ultimately sterile route of blemish and concept free laserprints mixing dangerous things like guns and chainsaws with crapping birds. It is easy to see the contrast but not the point.


Also present, Gauche. Lush solid colours and predatory females..

Gauche – Black Widow

There is definitely enough exciting fresh stuff to make this show worth visiting though be warned that the majority of the work is shown in the soulless giclee form.

Lots more pictures here:

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