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“Cancer Sell” is an event that is being staged to raise funds primarily from the contribution of art works given by the artists on Flickr. I am doing all I can to help out a friend that I met through the site to make the night and the fund raising total a big success. Thanks to all artists that have donated to the cause so far.

Two guys with no artistic talent, HowAboutNo and NoLionsInEngland, both of whom have a penchant for clocking street art, will do their bit for this good cause by organising a graffiti tour of the streets around Shoreditch, Hackney, Brick Lane and various dubious but possibly interesting spots in between.

The plan is to guide a group of 20 or so people up and down the streets providing a commentary on the art there and possibly art that used to be there – depending on whether the council buffer squads have been particularly vigilant the night before. We hope to describe some of the different approaches to getting up used by different artists and describe from second hand knowledge some of the issues faced by graffiti artists in going about the clandestine activities.

We will also throw in a bag of freebies – mainly stickers and postcards, depending on what we have scraped together. There will also be 5 copies of the book “Banksy Locations & Tours” by Martin Bull available to some lucky punters, we havent decided what you need to do to get one as of yet, bet when we probably end the tour in or very close to a pub I’m sure we will think of something 😉

BLT Cover

The aim isn’t to replicate the legendary Banksy Tours of 2006 (mainly because there are so few Banksy’s left in the area!) But we will probably be checking some spots from those tours. There is even a possibility Martin, the author of BLT may aid and abet on one or other of the jaunts.

We expect to see some Banksy pieces, it all depends on what’s still up.
The tours will take place whatever the weather is like.

Here’s the deal:

First – pick your date – Sunday April 20 or Sunday April 27.

Then email your name name, preferred dates and how many places you want to nolionsinengland *at*

When lists fill (hopefully!) we will email you requesting payment. Payment will be by paypal to a paypal account set up for the Cancer Sell fundraising monies.

We will confirm the meeting point about 2 or 3 days prior to the walk. This gives us some flexibility to customise the route according to what’s around.

Cost will be £10 per person, all of which goes into the Cancer Sells coffers.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.


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The Charity Graffiti walk you did in April sounds a great idea – any chance you would do it again as a regular thing?

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