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Cans Festival – Let Us Spray

Popped down to the third and final day of Cans Festival, this time with a mission to get past the security and get some photos on the exit ramp where all the un-billed artists could rock up and spray. Conning my way past with a few stencils in my mitts, the results of this mass participation spray-a-thon are pretty awesome.

Known names seen in the spray-it-yourself area included Jef Aerosol, The Krah, K-Guy, TEK13, Mr Brain-washed (but he was everywhere), Snub, Hush, Hutch, C215, Asboluv. These regular practising crims were jostling shoulder to shoulder with a horde of enthusiastic stencilists from the beginner (I’d never sprayed a can in my life before) to the staggeringly accomplished. Here’s a selection of some of the highlights.

In the main drag, Blek had passed through, dropping a few very familiar Blek images. A number of other artists had either escaped my attention on previous visits or had done their shit since Saturday lunchtime. A sand artist had set up in the sandpit area, for a fiver you could get your picture taken sitting on his sand sofa. The staggering liberty here was his sofa totally covered Banksy’s tag leopard which would deny one of the best pieces of the show from all today’s visitors. Get out of it!

Reports of carnage – unfounded

unknowns – love the linking of the toddler and the rocket

This lad must have been about 12-14, great stencilling and impressive images:


Regular graffoto fav The Krah



great bat placement – unknown

Well worked – AME72

What a pile of shit. Suspect Dicky and Smif (D*Face hackers) [update: Not Dicky & Smif. and everything else written is made up as well.]

The whole event was worth running!

More pictures from the access all vandals area here:

Write up of the main artists area in the previous blog entry, and pictures from the main artists here


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