Pure Evil Soozy Lipsey

Soozy Who?

Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard St., London.
22 May – 3 June (I think) 2008

Soozy Lipsey is a name I have never heard of before but judging by the beau monde who turned out for her show, she must be very well known to some pretty damn cool and happening people. Obviously not having heard the name before this post can’t include any cross reference to a graffiti track record, but the suspicion is that this is urban style rather than street art coming in off the streets.

Soozy uses a lot of collaging and spray, and a lot of building up of layers on newspapers and other materials and tearing strips off. Her style is reminiscent of no one more than Faile.

Favourite piece of several in the show is one which puts a new meaning to the expression a set of killer heels.

Apart from Faile, some pieces had echoes of Eine.

At a slight stretch, strong dynamic whirls may conceivably suggest a heavier form of David Ellis, so knowingly or un-knowingly Soozy has been influenced by some pretty classy street artists.

Repeated viewing of Try Your Luck, the biggest canvas on show, is a bit like re-reading a great book, you find something new every time, a truely awesome piece.

A small selection of other pieces:

After catching sight of gods like Brett Anderson of Suede browsing the Soozy Lipsey, the smelly sweaty wall licking street art hoardes took refuge downstairs in The Krah show.

With both Soozy Lipsey upstairs and The Krah downstairs in the basement celler, Pure Evil has pulled off two of the strongest shows seen to date in his idiosyncratic space. If you are going to see Doze Green in The Leonard Street Gallery next week, you’d certainly wouldn’t find 30 minutes at Pure Evil’s wasted.

A fuller set of pictures of Soozy Lipsey’s work is here.

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