If you take two weeks out to get all hot and bothered chasing Athens graffiti on the back of a Vespa and stop keeping an eye on them, people will get mischievous. Councils have seriously stepped up their buffing campaign and artists have suffered irresistible urges to spray, marker pen and wheatpaste on the walls. It’s like watching two dogs continuously returning to piss on the same tree stump.

strangely, the staff at Cargo who really ought to know better have got the whitewash urge too (painting out Nick Walker’s Moona Lisa???? FFS).

So, while my gimlet eye was elsewhere, London had…..

A return visit from New York’s Momo.

A return visit from Australia’s ENESS

And of course, it would be cynical and churlish (and groundless too!) to suggest that perhaps some local dab hand with the wheatpaste brush had been sent those paste-ups through Fed Ex.

A complete twat, no – seriously – though perhaps I should capitalise the word, Twat has launched himself on the London stencil scene with some tasty work though some of his stuff was through unfortunate wall choice buffed within days.

Speaking of twats, some idiot pasted over just about the only remaining Faile stencil in this neck of the woods (not counting the “nothing lasts forever” ones). No need to capitalise the word that time.

As a prelude to the opening of the Camp Barbossa’s Burning Bridges show, Labrona is in town and has decorated a few walls in the company of a mate from Vancouver who Romanywg kindly tells me is Gaad.

Conor Harrington finished his Brick Lane piece. At least, I think he did.

SK? having a touch of the Judith Supines hits Curtain Street/King Johns Court.

Critical (tbc) pops up a stencilled blind-folded Mona image with “Stop using my image” across her eyes. The one on the Cargo front wall lasts less than 24 hours; the one on Blackaller Street sprayed a on board held up 6 Phillips screws to a wooden panel on was removed during its second night.

Doze Green left a few gems around the time of his Leonard St Gallery show.

Biom and Seno re-did their usual Anning Street spot though if I recall correctly they threw some paint over it just a few weeks ago. Perhaps they didn’t like it.

Anon pasted up a retro suit willing to work for cunts, fame and love and possibly even in that order. Anyone know who the artist is?

Nuff for now, all the above pics are a small selection from a set taken over three days or so wince getting back to the east end. It would be worth checking the NoLions flickr account for pics uploaded 12 June to see quite a bit more from the same artists and others.

Possible shows to visit tomorrow (Thieves Ladder feat Stain, Armsrock, Poncho at BRP; Burning Bridges, Signal Gallery).

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