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Ozzie Update

Further happenings on the strange picture of “Ozzie” left in the streets of London. There was a code on the back which the finder was instructed to email to which then prompts you to send your postcard back to them, with a promise of being contacted very soon.

A week and a bit later, I received an old fashioned typewriter style letter saying nothing more than “please be patient”, to which I thought “fair enough” ….Im a patient kinda guy. . . . .

Then turns out a jouro who posts on Flickr – Mark thompson – did some investigating work of his own and found out the following :

“So far I have worked out that the man in the photo is Robert Osband, he is a 58-year-old living in Titusville Florida.

He created the area code for the Kennedy Space Centre which is 321. An idea Jeb Bush called ” A simple, bold idea to reccognize Florida’s Space Industry with this Area Code”.

The photo was taken in 1975 shortly after he returned from a spacesuit sale in Delaware.

Since then the website has been created, seemingly by Mr Osband. . . .who is unsure as to how or why his picture is being used?!

The plot thickens somewhat further by more of Marks investigations (or maybe just a strange coincidence)

“So latest thing, have found out the last known person I can find who lived at the premises which the letters are sent to… Peter Griffin! Love it!. He lived there in 2003 – no idea if he still does but thought it was pretty funny”

The user Ozzie on Flickr is eemingly now in the mix. . . but refers to himself in pictures in the third person perspective?!

Either it will become clearer in time. . . . .or like the best epsiodes of lost just keep us all guessing forever and ever (well, at least for the alloted 7 seasons we have signed up for)

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Sorry if writing in the 3rd person is a Faux Pas, but I’m not used to this blogging stuff. I’m used to writing press releases and articles for people to read about me.

I’m finding web sites using Google and Yahoo search engines because I’m trying to find out more about this mystery too. I want to know why my 1975 photo of me in a space suit is being plastered all over London. Thanx for any help you can provide.

If coming to Florida, please visit my web site at http://SpaceLaunchInfo.Com

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