Cept Update

I knew it would be worth waiting a while to update on the lushness that is painted by Cept……actually, that’s a complete lie, I didn’t have a clue quite what was gonna happen in the last month and a bit around his usual Sclatter Street wall.

It had been in this guise below, fairly suitably untouched (or more to the point well maintained in between times) since a couple of days before Valentines Day this year

Then at the end of May it got an extremely fresh new update, I loved it, and took a lot of pics (funny that) but have since been asked by Cept not to show them. Seems he didnt like how it looked (o.k, so it may have needed to be finished a little more, but overall was a nice in yer face assault of colours and had a classic Cept/Lichtenstein girl character)

Again borrowing from the DC Comic / Lichtenstein comic book style Cept is now also famous for, in the version that now remains he then added the phrase “my mistakes were made for you” to this amazingly tight wall. The man couldn’t make a mistake if he tried!

And to go a bloody long way in proving that point, in a style reminiscent of some of the updates on his site he has most recently painted the wall of the also excellent inside LoungeLover bar. Can control aplenty in action here as per usual, the lines and details can be identified without any form of tag or name thrown up…but what the hell, even his tag is the business so he did that anyways.
In fact, I am sure thats why Sclatter Street got painted out so quick…….it was 2 mil off centre.

Cept is also due to be at LoveBox (He’s obviously feeling a whole lotta love lately) as he is releasing an exclusive print called “Love from Hackney” at the festival. It’s an edition of 20 digital prints that will only be available from the festival, which happens this year on July 19th/20th in Victoria Park, Hackney.

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