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Cans2 Recycled Revisited

One of the unique charms of London’s art galleries is their enlightened welcome of members of the public who can add their own enhancements to the displayed works and correct the principal artist’s shortcomings. Actually no but in the case of the Leake Street tunnel there ain’t no stopping anyone with a spray can getting their piece up.

A swift return to the Cans Recycled site just 8 days after it opened revealed a number of large scale additions, a bit of going over and a lot of additions to the all-comers exit ramp area.

Sweetest new piece is undoubtedly this one by Petro


The roadworks have been completed since last weekend and the removal of the fenced off holes permits better shots of pieces in that area. It is much easier to see how the head of Conor Harrington’s horse connects to the fire-breathing mouth of AlexOne’s dragon.

Conor Harrington/AlexOne

Xenx’s flora and fauna fantasy land can be captured in all its glory – ultrawide and leaking across the floor.



Mode2 has also been in town.



Prize for the most confrontational going over goes to London’s Oker who have sprayed over the crisp piece left by Bristol’s What Crew (Richt, 45RPM).

Will Barras’s car piece was done on cardboard in-fill to the windows, and those bits of cardboard had been signed on the back. That was recklessly mentioned on one website and un-surprisingly it is now a very windy windowless ride. All the other vehicles are beginning to look like some has taken a sledge hammer and angle grinder on their daytrip to Waterloo.

More pictures of these plus other throwies in the flickr set here


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