Ch ch ch changes. . . .

Regular readers may have noticed the few subtle changes at Graffoto towers, hopefully for the better!

We now have a subscribe function, where you can choose to be updated via email whenever there is a new post made. For the confused amongst you early subscribers, the title of the email that comes through was showing as “Over & Over” which is actually the official title of the Graffoto blog – for clarity this has now been amended so you know what you are getting and who it’s from!

Remember if you’d rather not have the email updates, there is also the RSS link feed that you can add to your own reader software too.

We also await with baited breath the first post from our new staffer, Mr Shellshockphotos. . . A.K.A Banksy locations and tours man, A.K.A a general graf spotting LegEnd! This man pretty much invented the London graf tour, loads of which have been cropping up in various guises and publications this year…and he seriously regrets not patenting the idea a long time ago!

There are more changes afoot, all of which will hopefully make Graffoto a nicer place to be and still remain a good source of honest opinions and sightings of stuff on the scene by people in it for the love, not just cos they are being paid a hefty salary to talk cobblers…pretty much like I just have.

Stayed tuned!

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