Diggs We Are Shitting . . . .

Loving the new Grafter street works. You can definately see his style evolving with each outing and more and more details being added to the simple but elegant one layer stencils that made him famous.

His studio work seen recently at the Urban Angel “Corked” show, and then small outing at the recycled Cans Festival this weekend also go a long way to putting a “cork” in the gobs of the Grafter haters thinking all he was capable of was simple stuff, some real emotion showing in his “Shoe Shine” piece. Very evocative and many have said in the style of Chris Stain, but in my book Grafter wins as his characters dont have abnormally sized heads*.

@ Cans Festival “Recycled”

“Shoe Shine” – Urban Angel original piece – Pic courtesy of Nolions…”tarted” by HowAboutNo!

* This is in no way intended to be a dig at Chris Stain in any other way than I think his characters should be a tad smaller and situated at ground level…they tend to scare me in the same way those bumblebee things with babies facies in the back of the News of The World Sunday magazine do.

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