Regents Park, London
16 – 10 Oct 2008

With most of the leading contemporary galleries present there’s bound to be some stuff that will intrugue, impress, mystify, bamboozle or delight any one prepared to pay to go in.

Stuff I liked included Perpetual Void by Petrov Sesti, the trippy colours come from Ian Lavender’s Riley-esque poured Lines: Big Puddle” behind.

Jake and Dinos Chapman’s model scene Das Kaiptal Is Kaput (ya, Nein Dumpkoff) was stunning. This picture, apart from being shite is really a small fragment, not even enough to be dignified with the term “detail”.

This Chinese artist, whose name was presented in Mandarin script so don’t ask me who, did a nice set of photos with contradictory slogans

Another cool piece by Thomas Locher

I became momentarily a part of Norma Jean’s smoking installation but actually looked like I was having a crap.

Just a few other piccies (huge cheer!) here

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