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Panik – Changing Faces

5 Nov – 28 Nov 2009
Sartorial Gallery, London

Panik ATG aka Mr P (and now – also known as Jack Murray) has been a feature of London streets for a decade or so, currently as a key member of ATG and formerly as a member of the now defunct London Frontline.

Panik ATG

His second solo show this year has opened at Sartorial Art Gallery in the small project space which was previously earmarked as Tek 33’s Writers’ Bench space.

As a bomber Panik has a pretty impressive ability to access rooftops and various other walls.


As a painter, Panik rocks a highly coloured a tribal geometric style tending towards a cubism with acid colours vibe.


There are three larger canvasses, of which this gorgeous Basquiat influenced work blew the eyeballs off my face.

Free n Easy

The earlier show at Pure Evil gallery was characterised by a couple of nuggets surrounded by a large degree of untamed chaos, consisting primarily of the Panik dub at manageable canvas scale, this show is a far more accomplished artistic achievement and confirms Panik’s ability to leave the large scale street stuff behind and produce “art”. Having become accustomed to many recent shows incorporating pieces which the artists failed to sell last time out (which actually is a blessing, remember the bad old days when you walked into the PV to find every piece of shit had a red dot), it is also a relief to find that apart from one editioned print everything here is new (or at least, wasn’t shown in the Pure Evil gallery show).

Take Time To Dream

More pics of Changing Faces art here

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is this proof that the graf heads are defecting. Panik smells like an art fag now! Most 'writers' struggle to change the habits and styles of a life time and adapt to the canvas – it can be an unfamiliar medium, and one that puts them out of their depth. Not sure if Mr Panik is an exception to the rule just yet.

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