ELk Evol

Evol @ Smithfield Market

All photos Howaboutno and Nolionsinengland as indicated

Graffoto are pretty sure that this is the first actual stencil piece in London by German artist Evol and it’s great to see one in the flesh finally.

He actually uses both stencils and also paste ups (in this case just stencils with a spot of hand finishing for the perverts amongst you) to produce these mini “estates” and some of the details, even close up look so amazingly real and almost perfect in their own miniature perspective, pissed off Polish labourers sat atop to cap them off.


These photos don’t do the piece justice and we advise seeing it with your own peepers, so get there and take a look if you can.

Or, if that is impractical, check out more pics here.

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