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Helch – The Dog’s Pollocks

It being that day, Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, I decided to go out graff hunting and what a great decision that turned out to be. “Helch Watch” has been running for several months following the addition of an incomplete piece of graff close to our hood in May.

Helch, May 2022Helch, May 2022

Helch, May 2022Helch, May 2022

My fave graff lookout, Lady Nolions, reported back a couple of weeks ago that Helch had returned to transform and complete that piece and it was looking epic.

Helch - Sep 2022Helch – Sep 2022

Helch - Sep 2022Helch – Sep 2022

After suitably urban looking “context” shots, stepping in for some context shots revealed a stunning surprise. Helch has gone full Jackson in a ground level oil spill trap and it’s more or less invisible until the moment you fall into it. Helch does brilliant fills generally but this time a new level has been reached.

Helch - low pollocksHelch has low pollocks

Another new Helch appeared in Shoreditch at the weekend and again the fill looked stunning.

Helch Sep 2022Helch Sep 2022

Helch - glitchy fillHelch – glitchy fill

Helch has kind of taken over one end of the road behind the old Truman Brewery, this time the combination of blues and whites in the fill suggest Helch seeks to give nature a run for its money in providing best cloud and sky colours.

Helch Helta Skelta up to the cloudsHelch Helta Skelta up to the clouds

Helch has created many more stunning text based artworks in Shoreditch over the past 12 months, consolidating a burgeoning reputation among fans of art as well as graffiti.

Link: Helch instagram

All photos: Dave Stuart

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