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Olek, Injustice, Anti Slavery International, Dirty White Cotton

All photos: NoLionsInEngland Ready mades – the term coined by Duchamp when he elevated everyday pissoirs to works of art – is annexed by Poland/NY artist Olek to describe in one way the main form of her work, “Crochet Readymades”. It is worth googling the images of the effect she has when she cloaks public […]

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Banger Art – Part II

13 Jun 2012 – 1 night only then Lovebox Festival, Victoria Park, London 15 Jun – 17 Jun 2012 all photos NoLionsInEngland, In case you missed Part 1 of Graffoto’s news and views from Banger Art, check it out here (opens new window or tab or something) for background and loads of artwork. Eine, Will […]

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Banger Art

13 Jun 2012 – 1 night onlythen Lovebox Festival, Victoria Park, London15 Jun – 17 Jun 2012 all photos NoLionsInEngland, except HowAboutNo where stated OK, so who’s idea was it to mash up memories of an embassy car park (Banksy, Swiss Embassy, London) with the spirit of a secret NY subway station (Workhorse et al, […]

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Graffoto Round Up Of The Year – Pt 3

HowAboutNo rashly promised FOUR picture-rich blog posts to review what was up on London’s streets and alleyways in 2011, so I thought I’d contribute something at this stage covering the Summer months, mainly because with our productivity we might not complete this magnus opus until Dec 2012. Dr D was present and correct throughout 2011, […]

dr. d

dr. d “HMP Brainwash Launderette”

222 bethnal Green RdLondon5 March, continuing. all photos: NoLionsInEngland dr. d is one of London’s more mysterious street art institutions, their (the mystery extends to doubt as to whether dr. d is singular, plural, boy or girl) manipulation and subversion of street billboards flickers at the edge of public conscious, playing games via a medium […]

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Week and a Half Late Monday Update