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Sheffield Sex City

“cos the city’s out to get me if I won’t sleep with her this eveningThough her buildings are impressive and her cul-de-sacs amazingShe’s had too many lovers and I know you’re out there waiting”– “Sheffield Sex City”, Pulp All photos: NoLionsInEngland Sheffield, up North, 3 hours ish out of St Pancras, why I have not […]

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Hit Shot Walls March 2013

All photos: NoLionsInEngland Not making any promises that this will become a regular feature but….here are some musings on and pics of street art and graffiti which happened to catch our eye around London recently. Sweet Toof and Insect knocked up some gorgeous paste ups and papered a broad swath of London’s East End. Choosing […]

Jo Peel

Jo Peel – Things Change Animation

Civilisations rise and fall, some more quickly than others. Their legacy often lives on through residual art though archaeologists and historians are inclined to get distracted by coinage, bent forks and chipped potties. Jo Peel has made her mark with art, animating a complete evolution from idyllic paradise of nature to decayed east end sink […]