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Word On The Streets Is….

All photos: NolionsInEngland Fate conspired to stop me pressing the shutter release on any camera for 9 whole days until yesterday lunchtime. It was nothing in particular, nothing special, just a bundle of things from the normal routine of life that cuts perpendicular across a passion for street art and graff. Yesterday lunchtime every surface […]

Kamba Lucas Malarky

Fuck Street Art – this year’s model

Photos: NolionsInEngland except HowAboutNo where stated. Every year throws up it’s street art hating graffiti purist, thankfully 2012’s has arrived early. Malarky, Lucas & feat Kamba Malarky, Lucas, Mr Penfold and co are clearly guilty of wantonly putting up sweet and bright painted walls and shutters all over Shoreditch and someone, step forward Kamba, resents […]