Kamba Lucas Malarky

Fuck Street Art – this year’s model

Photos: NolionsInEngland except HowAboutNo where stated.

Every year throws up it’s street art hating graffiti purist, thankfully 2012’s has arrived early.

Malarky, Lucas & Kamba
Malarky, Lucas & feat Kamba

Malarky, Lucas, Mr Penfold and co are clearly guilty of wantonly putting up sweet and bright painted walls and shutters all over Shoreditch and someone, step forward Kamba, resents that. “Street art is not for galleries” and “street art is not a business” is Kamba ‘s message, propagated by stencil, ironically.

Malarky Lucas Kamba dogging

Kamba‘s tag hasn’t exactly got the finest handstyle but he/she evidently trusts in the purest of graff colours – chrome and black.

Malarky Lucas Kamba dogging

The message is curiously accepting of street art. Unlike many of Kamba‘s more illustrious predecessor crusaders against the corruption of the graff culture, it’s not the existence of street art itself get Kamba‘s goat just that it shouldn’t be in galleries. Ok, most us accept that you don’t get street art in galleries, in galleries it becomes just art but lets not nitpick.

Oh Dear
photo: HowAboutNo

Maybe Malarkey does own too much Shoreditch, maybe we could use a bit more variety, hopefully the tacit acceptance of Malarky’s epic walls and shutters will mean that those dogged murals will now be painted by a greater variety of street artists. Let the production/dog/ buff/production cycle commence. And may the artists raise their game cos Kamba is on their ass.

Quick ting.

Malarky Lucas Kamba dogging

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