Pato Tinho

Where do we go ?

Well, it’s a bloody good question to be honest. The world and his mother seem to have a street art / random happenings blog, so what’s the harm in one more I say, Tally Ho!

Besides, this one will no doubt be a complete load of utter codswallop and wont actually waste a whole lot of your time anyways :o)

Now to get my thinking cap on to see what I can actually bore you lot (all 2 of you!) with. . . . . Lets start with this splendid piece in Brighton by Tinho, Pato and Flip, who are currently in town promoting Brazilian urban art with a show at the Ocontemporary Gallery.

The Brazilian scene is regarded by most as the hottest on the scene at them moment. And after seeing them in action I cannot disagree!

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