Arofish Asbestos Beejoir Cyclops Elbow-toe Judith Supine Leonard Street Gallery Mantis Matt Small Nick Walker Rene Gagnon Skewville Sweet Toof The AMP

“Found” @ TLSG


An exhibition of artworks on found objects

20 JUL 2007 til ongoing 2007

Found is an exhibition of original artworks made on found objects and materials. The exhibition will open on Friday the 20th July and will include works by AMP, Arofish, Asbestos, Beejoir, Cyclops, Rene Gagnon, Mantis, Matt Small, Skewville, Judith Supine, Elbow-toe, Sweet Toof and Nick Walker

A number of limited edition prints made by participating artists will be available during the show and also featuring will be works by artists including Titi Freak, Date Farmers, Adam Neate and David Choe.

Please contact the gallery or continue to check this web page for further information.
*no bribes were offered by tlsg for this post, but feel free…..if you must!!!!

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