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Attention Spam – Hong Kong Happenings

ATTENTION SPAM – 14 November – 10 December Cyclops, D*Face, David Bray, Vesna Parchet & Word to Mother Schonei Main Gallery21-31 Old Bailey StreetCentral Hong KongMON – SAT 10.30am – 6.30pm A special blog post and props going out to our friend and fellow blogger Selph ESP for what looks like it will be […]

Burning Candy Cyclops Rowdy Sweet Toof Tek 33

Burning Candy Show

Sartorial Gallery, London15 Oct – 11th Nov 2008photos NoLionsInEngland unless stated Something of huge significance is afoot when you open your week-to-view pocket diary (luddite alert) on Monday lunchtime and find that despite clashing with an England world cup qualifier there is there is barbed wire around a Wednesday evening do. That event is the […]

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Monday Update. . . .

Mighty Mo’s Monkey is cropping up in an amazing array of places….well actually not that amazing as they are nearly always on top of a train bridge, but placement and execution are second to none, all done with a roller and a very long pole. Parked my car IN FRONT of this billboard a few […]

Beejoir Cyclops Leonard Street Gallery Mau Mau

Souled Out – Beejoir, Mau-Mau, Cyclops & Kate Westerholt

Souled Out The Leonard Street Gallery, 29 Feb – 22 MarchLets start with the artist whose share of the show has the highest quotient of street art, or perhaps beach art would be more appropriate. Mau Mau Mau Mau has gone more monumental on major themes explored in previous work, which is mainly that sound […]

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I’m Not A Pavement Sniffer, I’m A Pavement Sniffers Son

Just a quick Monday update on street life (which may or may not become a regular “thing”)….. I think Monday is too boring a day to do it, but at the same time I hope at least one or two pieces make you smile. Firstly, Dave The Chimp with another of the now numerous pieces […]

Cyclops Sickboy Sweet Toof

Sickboy update . . .

A few of the bits spotted in recent months, he must be busy as he has slowed down a bit (on my route at least) some of these pics are from a trip to Bristol in November. More of which will follow soon(ish)

Cyclops Sickboy Sweet Toof

Sickboy. . .

Still not entirely sure what the Temple resembles (I’m off to read his new website where I may or may not find out) However and whatever, as per usual, I care not for explanation, reason, cause or anything like it. It just looks the chuffin nuts :o) The Colab with Sweet Toof and Cyclops […]

Cyclops Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof & Cyclops in the street. . .and canals…and everywhere else

Arofish Beejoir Cyclops Elbow-toe Judith Supine K-Guy Leonard Street Gallery Mantis Nick Walker Obey Skewville Sweet Toof The AMP

Found Was Friggin Fabulous

Last nights “Found” show at The Leonard Street Gallery was simply amazing. mentioned earlier last week it featured scores of artists, most of whom had produced new versions of old stuff specially for the show, and also included older (and more expensive mostly) pieces from the likes of Obey and Nick Walker amongst others. Asbestos […]

Arofish Asbestos Beejoir Cyclops Elbow-toe Judith Supine Leonard Street Gallery Mantis Matt Small Nick Walker Rene Gagnon Skewville Sweet Toof The AMP

“Found” @ TLSG

FOUND : An exhibition of artworks on found objects 20 JUL 2007 til ongoing 2007 Found is an exhibition of original artworks made on found objects and materials. The exhibition will open on Friday the 20th July and will include works by AMP, Arofish, Asbestos, Beejoir, Cyclops, Rene Gagnon, Mantis, Matt Small, Skewville, Judith Supine, […]

Burning Candy Cyclops Sweet Toof Tek 33

But on a lighter note. . .

Some amazing stuff happening around the waterways as of late 🙂

Banksy Cyclops Sweet Toof

Death of my fave Banksy. . .

And it had been preserved for ages, was quite well hidden. Now destined to be within the walls of the new Olympic stadium, so I think that sealed its fate more than anything….although I think someone also objected to the recent Sweet Toof and Cyclops addition judging by the scrawl across the skull head