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Souled Out – Beejoir, Mau-Mau, Cyclops & Kate Westerholt

Souled Out The Leonard Street Gallery, 29 Feb – 22 MarchLets start with the artist whose share of the show has the highest quotient of street art, or perhaps beach art would be more appropriate. Mau Mau Mau Mau has gone more monumental on major themes explored in previous work, which is mainly that sound […]

Beejoir Mau Mau Pure Evil


The floundering efforts of two blokes with no talent or ideas of their own to copy an idea tried out by thousands of others. The mercifully brief lunchtime photo session was interupted by from time to time by proper artists Mau Mau, Beejoir and Pure Evil, who all left sniggering. NoLions’ exhibitionist streak was flaunted […]

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I’m Not A Pavement Sniffer, I’m A Pavement Sniffers Son

Just a quick Monday update on street life (which may or may not become a regular “thing”)….. I think Monday is too boring a day to do it, but at the same time I hope at least one or two pieces make you smile. Firstly, Dave The Chimp with another of the now numerous pieces […]

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Found Was Friggin Fabulous

Last nights “Found” show at The Leonard Street Gallery was simply amazing. mentioned earlier last week it featured scores of artists, most of whom had produced new versions of old stuff specially for the show, and also included older (and more expensive mostly) pieces from the likes of Obey and Nick Walker amongst others. Asbestos […]

Arofish Asbestos Beejoir Cyclops Elbow-toe Judith Supine Leonard Street Gallery Mantis Matt Small Nick Walker Rene Gagnon Skewville Sweet Toof The AMP

“Found” @ TLSG

FOUND : An exhibition of artworks on found objects 20 JUL 2007 til ongoing 2007 Found is an exhibition of original artworks made on found objects and materials. The exhibition will open on Friday the 20th July and will include works by AMP, Arofish, Asbestos, Beejoir, Cyclops, Rene Gagnon, Mantis, Matt Small, Skewville, Judith Supine, […]