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Burning Candy – Getting High, Battering Clouds in 2010

all photos: NoLionsInEngland except Romanywg where stated

One of the joys of cycling to work is chancing across fresh graff and street art. This morning, even with only half an eye for walls, rooftops and side alleyways I found two unexpected specimens of Burning Candy rooftop freshness.

Firstly, thanks to a minor deviation down a route I don’t take often, there was this pair of freezing monkeys.

Mighty Mo

Then in the 3 lane mayhem at Kings Cross, a glance skywards revealed this beautiful collection.

Mighty Mo, Gold Peg, Tek33

These high spots Burning Candy are hitting aren’t your so-remote-its-as-safe-as-legal zones, we are talking high in the clouds and high eyeball count, that’s Kings Cross above and the one below is London’s Oxford Street.

Mighty Mo, Gold Peg

Prominent in all this rooftop activity have been Gold Peg and Mighty Mo. Gold Peg is setting new standards for girls on rooftop illegals, matching the boys cojones for cojones.

Burning Candy in force

Graffoto believes most of the rooftop jobs featured in this post have been done in the past couple of months, Kings Cross is part of my daily bicycle rat run and I didn’t spot that Kings Cross nest-feathering yesterday. [edit: found someone’s flick dated yesterday]

Mighty Mo, Gold Peg

To us who gawp in admiration from ground level, it is fascinating to ponder the logistics of access and the elevating (literally) joy of painting with panoramic views of the surrounding rooftops and the streets below. That thought brings Will Robson-Scott’s rooftop photography to mind for capturing some of that buzz but we’ll leave that until we finish the Graffoto Crack and Shine review, if and when we can be arsed (if you can’t wait, check out Art Of The State’s review, we are coming from exactly the same angle and wild appreciation) [update: Crack and Shine Review].

Gold Peg, Sweet Toof

Its getting hard to recall a time when various members of the crew weren’t getting up on walls around London but this current burst of graff creativity seems to go back to this epic legal wall painted by all BC bar Cept who was flat out on his solo show (LLB’s contribution was un-finished due to man-flu and painted over). Photo by epic art and urbex photography legend Romanywg.

Burning Candy – photo Romanywg

Big up Burning Candy, keeping it real and getting high in 2010.

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Update Wednesday 20th: Looked over my shoulder as I cycled through Kings X this morning to see if there was a fixed ladder for Peg to get up to that balcony on the spire (there wasn’t one). I then remembered the golden rule of graff spotting, bit like life: wherever you are going, always look over your shoulder!

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