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London International Paste Up Festival 2022

Graffoto loves street art, we love graffiti, we have a passion for stencils and are often blown away by stunning murals but when it comes to good old “art by anyone” street art, the paste up is the king. 

Paste up street artists with art in the outdoor Paste up Art Festival, October 2022
Subdude, Greentaxonoomy Planet Selfie and others, LIPF2

Paste ups are the often overlooked ugly sister of street art.  When was the last time your local rag featured street art other than the latest permissioned mural or something mistakenly attributed to Banksy?  Yet paste ups are where street art most consistently fulfils its original promises: democratic art, art by the people, freedom from the hand of art world curation, no need for an art qualification, liberation from establishment approval – just an idea on a wall on display to the public. 

Fournier St, LIPF2
Doodlher, LIPF2

The fast changing wave of creativity inherent in paste ups is for the second time celebrated in the London International Paste Up Festival #LIPF2 and we are delighted to be able to shine a little light from the inside on the whole affair.

Grimsby Street LIPF2
Paccino street art hard stare in the paste up art from the London International Paste up Festival October 2022
collage of paste ups on Princelet St for the 2nd London International Paste Up Festival held October 2022
Princelet St, LIPF2

In several spots the team doing the hard graft of putting up the paste ups actually meet with wall owner resistance, the Princelet Street location above proved the most controversial installation.  The full details are covered in a more comprehensive assessment with a hugely expanded photo record on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours blog.

Keith Flint and Queen Elizabeth CodeFC camera heads
paste up art from the London International Paste up Festival October 2022, Jana, Apparan, Uberfubs, Voxx Romana (detail) and others, LIPF2

All photos: Dave Stuart

Paste Up Crew LIPF2
Artists from all over he world participating in the outdoor Paste up Art Festival on Brick Lane, October 202

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