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I’m Not A Pavement Sniffer, I’m A Pavement Sniffers Son

Just a quick Monday update on street life (which may or may not become a regular “thing”)….. I think Monday is too boring a day to do it, but at the same time I hope at least one or two pieces make you smile.

Firstly, Dave The Chimp with another of the now numerous pieces around Hoxton by himself. This being the second colab with Spanish laaaydeee Rabodiga

Then two new names (to me at least) and certainly both leave me wanting more “Sofiski” (as yet cannot find anything else on Flickr….I must remember that other websites do exist) and some nice stuff from “Mr Ace” (haven’t yet looked further into weblinks thus far)

Some long awaited action on the streets from Beejoir in the form of “Believing Standard” Newstand Banners. He brought with him his Souled Out Studio cohort and partner in grime “Mau Mau”…..both are in town for this week’s Leonard Street Gallery Show (more to come from NoLions on that front soon!) It was good to see some of his amazing styles next to some of the best Cyclops stuff I have yet seen on the street . . .or anywhere for that matter.

And then to finish that little lot off, a really cool Sickboy tag 🙂

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