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Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 2

Part 2 of 4 in the round up of my favourite graffiti and street art action in 2011. Already a few days into the new year, this all feels so last year already. . .

All photos by HowAboutNo except where stated.

Blam repainted his famous Oscar the Grouch piece (and possibly one of the longest lasting pieceof street art, it was up for nigh on 6 years, but was unfortunately buffed quite a while ago now) I think we all knew this one would never last as long. Painted on a legal spot in Brick Lane that had a lot of visitors this year.

Pablo Delgado proved to be an interesting newcomer, a slightly new take on stuff that could have just been tired and forgotten about, he made sure that he placed them in enough spots to be seen and at least he was an artist that was getting up regardless of any print release of self marketing campaign. (his work is available at Pure Evil I realise, but small hand limited editions only.)

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado


A wet weekend at home in East Sussex in May. Being at home means usually not much to be seen in the way of street art or graffiti – so I took up “urbexing” to fill in some down time. I thought nothing of seeing the odd bit of graff here and there in the derelict buildings….but was amazed to find my first real Paul Insect piece in an old abandoned girls school. . . . .

Dead Mickey


Back in January, a chance encounter with a young man on the streets was our first introduction to the colourful and angular world of ALO. Before too long ALO was getting up with spiky, twisted characters on board

Raise a glass to Bortusk Leer who did more than his share to brighten London’s corners with mad-cap fun.

Photo: NolionsInEngland

In April we got our first introduction to a man who came to pretty much own Shoreditch shutters before the year was out. Malarky continued to have a big impact throughout 2011 with High Roller Society hosting a Malarky presented Gocco Printing workshop workshop and a prestigious interview in VNA issue 17, still available here

DSC_9780 copy
Photo: NolionsInEngland

We lost two HOFs during the year, the second comes up later but regardless of the arts council lumberjack fest, nothing in the UK matched the cultural desecration the demolition of The Pit, RIP, wrought on an un-broken line back to the very beginnings of London graff.

The Pit RIP
Photo: NolionsInEngland

One of 2011’s most brilliant street art campaigns was by the old master Ron English. Judging by the huge numbers of human-free photos that surfaced on the net it seems not many spotted that the speech bubbles were meant to interact with passers-by, as revealed on Graffoto here.

ron english
Photo: NolionsInEngland

Ad Skewville was over in the Spring. Apart the brilliant “Slow Your Roll” show at High Roller Society, Skewville dropped a number of stunning shutters on Roman Rd and Bethnal Green Rd including the pair above exchanging honest Brooklynite greetings across the street.

Skewville  "YO!  - YO backatcha" shutters DSC_4815
Photo: NolionsInEngland

Part 3 to follow soon which will cover the months of July to September.

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