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Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 2

Part 2 of 4 in the round up of my favourite graffiti and street art action in 2011. Already a few days into the new year, this all feels so last year already. . . All photos by HowAboutNo except where stated. Probs Various Blam repainted his famous Oscar the Grouch piece (and possibly one […]

Bortusk Leer Five Four

Bortusk Leer/Five Four (joint show): Cheer Up You Rotters

Brick Lane Gallery, London5 – 16 Feb 2009photos: NoLionsInEngland except donnierobot and Prescription Art where statedSome Street artists wouldn’t be seen dead at their gallery openings. Some artists grudgingly turn up, mix with their mum and their crew and mumble “cheers my dears, been doin’ it for years”. Some front up with a natural effervescence […]

Bortusk Leer Eefos Shuby

The Eefos of Bortusk

Viola Gallery 1a Turville St 21 Feb 2008 First, a short summary of recent street art history as background to tonight’s show. Several months ago a flutter occurred literally on the streets of London when a flock of pigeons appeared on the walls of Hoxton and Shoreditch. Thinkfly took the whole fluorescent pigeon with eyes […]