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Best of London Street Art Part 2 – The Mural Bites Back

London has witnessed in 2013 a pretty significant growth in the number of large scale street art productions created with permission and indeed it seems, a growth in the number of organisations arranging spots for artists. Whilst Graffoto’s natural tendency is to prefer street art created without permission, we don’t judge just because something is […]

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Hit Shot Walls July 2013

photos: HowAboutNowords: NoLionsInEngland July had to man up to follow the excellent street art Shoreditch has seen in the past few months and boy did it deliver.  Things cannot get more manly than having Luther on the BBC swagger around in front of street art and graffiti performing miraculous feats of apparent teleporting from one […]

Miss Van

Miss Van – Lovestain

Stolen Space, Old Truman Brewery, London1 – 18 October 2009 all photos: NoLionsInEngland except W10 where noted Miss Van – Lovestain In a year which has seen fewer significant international street artists coming to grace the walls of London’s grittier galleries it is a relief to find a major artist prepared to stage a large […]