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High Roller Society Teeshirt Printing with Copyem

High Roller Society 10 Palmers Rd London E2 0SY Sat 30 June & Sun 1 Jul 2012, 1pm – 5 pm Copyem: Facebook; Tumblr All photos: NolionsInEngland This Graffoto scribe has learned a bit about various forms of printing at workshops which run by High Rollers Society gallery in East London.  As the NoLions wardrobe […]

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Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 4

Photos by HowAboutNo and NoLionsInEngland And here we have it folks, part 4 of 4 in the round up of 2011. This final look at the year now covers September all the way through to the end of December. Being that it was mild for the time of year, and there were a shed load […]

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Graffoto Round Up of the Year – Part 1

Welcome pop pickers! A post I have meant to do for the last few years on Graffoto has been a look back at the year, be it a good or a bad one. The problem in previous years was that I just always ended up leaving it too late in the holiday, my bingo wings […]

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Burning Candy – Getting High, Battering Clouds in 2010

all photos: NoLionsInEngland except Romanywg where stated One of the joys of cycling to work is chancing across fresh graff and street art. This morning, even with only half an eye for walls, rooftops and side alleyways I found two unexpected specimens of Burning Candy rooftop freshness. Firstly, thanks to a minor deviation down a […]