Above Alex Senna Cenz Conor Harrington Eine Fred Le Chevalier MadC Nylon Osch Pegasus Saki and Bitches Tian

Hit Shot Walls – August 2013

All photos HowAboutNo except NoLionsInEngland where statedWords NoLionsInEngland August, a hot oppresive city, empty workspaces, charged tense atmosphere and tourists.  Yup, on the whole that pretty much sums up this month’s Shoredtich Street Art scene except that wall space was actually pretty very full and in one controversial case, pretty badly buffed! Above did a […]

Dark Cloud Gold Peg Martin Lea-Brown Milo Tchais Numskul Nylon Remi Rough Rowdy

High Roller Society Teeshirt Printing with Copyem

High Roller Society 10 Palmers Rd London E2 0SY Sat 30 June & Sun 1 Jul 2012, 1pm – 5 pm Copyem: Facebook; Tumblr All photos: NolionsInEngland This Graffoto scribe has learned a bit about various forms of printing at workshops which run by High Rollers Society gallery in East London.  As the NoLions wardrobe […]

Arrex Nylon Stickee Tek 33

Secrets Of The Sticker Shed – Sticker Making Workshop

High Roller Society10 Palmers RdLondon E2 0SY 25 March 2012 All photos: NolionsInEngland Stickers photographed in the wild are by a variety of artists and are not all made by Stickee Stickers operate at the margins of general acceptability, slightly less vilified than tagging by the “I love street art but tags are mindless vandalism” […]

Heavy Artillery INSA Nylon

Heavy Artillery – Haters

Prescription Art GalleryBrighton, England22 Oct 2009 – all photos: NoLionsInEngland Heavy Artillery, awesome top end graffiti writers have opened their first whole crew show in Prescription Art’s gallery in Brighton. This show takes place in a distressed and dilapidated former music library with scene-of-the-crime tripod lighting, unlit external toilets and no running water, so a […]