45RPM Fors Pam Glew Pure Evil Richt Rugman Shannon Crees The Krah

The Foundry Underground Art Show

The Krah stands out among his Greek compatriots for several reasons, whilst he is one of the few male Greeks that hasn’t failed a sprinter’s drugs test in the last 4 years at the same time he has tested positive for having a seriously good time. He persuaded many of his friends from Greece and […]

Pure Evil

Pure Evil Brighton Solo Show

Ink-d Gallery, Brighton4 Jul – 2 Aug 08 Un-diluted, 100% concentrated, fully refined malevolence filled the sea air surrounding the Ink-d Gallery in Brighton. This phenomenon has a sweet herbal scent and it manifests in the form of Pure Evil. The master of the double bluff shields his evil bunny alter-ego behind a veneer of […]

Pure Evil Soozy Lipsey

Soozy Who?

Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard St., London.22 May – 3 June (I think) 2008 Soozy Lipsey is a name I have never heard of before but judging by the beau monde who turned out for her show, she must be very well known to some pretty damn cool and happening people. Obviously not having heard […]

Banksy Eelus Nick Walker Pure Evil

Banksy, No Lions, Eelus Group Show

Or Cans Festival: you created a monsterWords: NoLionsInEngland; pictures NoLions, Howaboutno  Foreword – Cans Festival (the bits that make sense of where this post is coming from):Cans Festival – the first preview night visitCans Festival – Let Us Spray – what went on in Banksy’s pet project, the public access spray zone The gauntlet was […]

Jim Cereal Pure Evil Teck 1 Tek13

Oh F@*k And Bugger, I almost forgot the Monday Update!

Seeing as I did it last Monday, and stuff is finally hotting up (i.e. I have enough new stuff to show) Lets do this. . . . . .

Beejoir Mau Mau Pure Evil


The floundering efforts of two blokes with no talent or ideas of their own to copy an idea tried out by thousands of others. The mercifully brief lunchtime photo session was interupted by from time to time by proper artists Mau Mau, Beejoir and Pure Evil, who all left sniggering. NoLions’ exhibitionist streak was flaunted […]