D*Face Eine

Two brilliant print releases today, both of which I want, neither of which my pockets has money to cover :o( The amazingly short lived street piece by D*Face: This got painted over pretty much the day after it went up, as the ad agency next door represented some of the people dissed on it. Spineless […]


Yummy. . . . Eine wakes up :op

One of my all time fave street artist’s since day one (and subliminally from many years previous…. that makes no sense. Maybe I’ll explain later if anyone is bothered) is Eine. Big thanks mainly have to go to Shellshock Photos – – one and only Mr Martin Bull, for making me aware the bloke […]

Pato Tinho

Where do we go ?

Well, it’s a bloody good question to be honest. The world and his mother seem to have a street art / random happenings blog, so what’s the harm in one more I say, Tally Ho! Besides, this one will no doubt be a complete load of utter codswallop and wont actually waste a whole lot […]