Dragon Bar

Dragon Bar RIP

The Dragon Bar, the legendary graffiti, drinking, snogging and fighting venue passed from our lives about 4 weeks ago. An effort had been made to torch the place, as stunningly captured by our friend on the spot Romanywg. Photo: Romanywg The inside of the decaying, stripped out husk which previously had been such a vibrant, […]


K-Guy – News, Views and Sightings

Re-newed activity from K-Guy with the appearance of stencils and paste ups on the streets of London as well as finalising a lush new picture to be released shortly:Taking aim at synthesised chemical ridden food (see the extras on the Supersize Me DVD if you don’t believe that!) as well as cultural homogeneity, K-Guy, or […]

Cless Dan Malone Dropmedia Eelus Gauche Majowski Mike Egan Sebograficos Twugraphic

Cless, Dan Malone, Dropmedia, Eelus, Gauche, Majowski, Mike Egan, Sebograficos, Twugraphic

Cement Gallery Group Show 27 Mar – 5 Apr One of the first victims of the build-em-up-knock-em-down pump and dump street art print scene was Eelus, slagged off for knocking out large editions of the one image in too many colourways. No longer on the PoW roster having chosen to go full time and sell […]


Arofish “Scrapped” Solo Show

New Cross Gallery, 6 March – 31 March, 2008 New Cross is a place outside London, Sarf of the River. The underground doesn’t go there any more. Taxi drivers charge a fortune and get lost. On the A-Z it is in a wilderness zone marked “Beware dragyns”. The first indication of any artistic endeavour is […]


The Krah – Upcoming Show

What do we know about The Krah? Most apparently, at least to alley way loitering photographers and graff art affectionadoes, he brightens the walls (and other found objects) of London and Athens with his un-mistakable style of art, an abstract fantasy character world populated by multiple faced limb deficient organo-cyborgs. The Krah works alone or […]

Beejoir Cyclops Leonard Street Gallery Mau Mau

Souled Out – Beejoir, Mau-Mau, Cyclops & Kate Westerholt

Souled Out The Leonard Street Gallery, 29 Feb – 22 MarchLets start with the artist whose share of the show has the highest quotient of street art, or perhaps beach art would be more appropriate. Mau Mau Mau Mau has gone more monumental on major themes explored in previous work, which is mainly that sound […]

Bortusk Leer Eefos Shuby

The Eefos of Bortusk

Viola Gallery 1a Turville St 21 Feb 2008 First, a short summary of recent street art history as background to tonight’s show. Several months ago a flutter occurred literally on the streets of London when a flock of pigeons appeared on the walls of Hoxton and Shoreditch. Thinkfly took the whole fluorescent pigeon with eyes […]

D*Face Matt Small Slinkachu Swoon

Black Rat Press Print ShowRivington Street 16 Feb 2008 With domestic interiors across the land filling up with prints from street artists, Black Rat Press have blessed the inquisitive and acquisitive with an education in the back stage aspects of the artists work. Sadly, the Rat couldn’t make it to BRP’s Print Show opening so […]

Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol Spray It Loud

Islington Arts Factory 8 Feb 2008 There are many reasons why people move out of central London…less stress, better schools, nature, the environment and definitely more space! Jef Aerosol’s new Show at the Islington Art Centre, not too far from Newcastle and roughly level with Stavangar, certainly has more space, more space for hanging, more […]

Banksy Blek Le Rat Bonhams D*Face Nick Walker

Urban Art – Insanity Takes Hold

(all photos Bonhams) Originating from the streets of Bristol, Brighton and London, growing up via galleries in the East End (TLSG and BRP well represented tonight), the street print and canvas fetish they call urban art arrived in the plush west end auction rooms of Bonhams tonight . Standing room only as Banksy stole the […]

Banksy Bonhams D*Face

Bonhams biggun

After lunch, to Bonhams in the charabanc to view some arty items previewing for the so-called first ever Urban Art auction. No Sol or San Mig. so had to endure the daubings sober. The star piece imo is the ultra pink Sid/spikey punk canvas by Banksy. Most spectacular is the multiple Laugh Now from that […]